Ski shoe and boot fitting at Sport Brugger in Sölden

There is barely any other item of equipment that is as important as a shoe which fits. Nowhere else is bespoke advice and individual fit as important as it is when purchasing ski shoes. Thanks to changes in construction methods in the skiing area, with shoes too there have been many innovations in the last few years. The fit and comfort of shoes has definitely been improved. For the perfect feel and outstanding fit – all the key shoe brands at Sport Brugger in Sölden: Atomic, Dynafit, Fischer, Head, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon and Sidas Black Project.

Ski shoe appointment – boot fitting and service; minus any waiting

Every foot is different - and every ski shoe is unique. From choosing the right ski shoe model, adjusting the shell and the production of specific insoles, to the foam fit of the inner shoe. Organise your personal appointment without ski shoe experts in one of our three boot-fitting shops in Sölden.

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Fischer Vacuum Fit

The original. The first ski shoe to have a 100% adaptable shell. With the perfect fit, even for problem feet. Based on the new Fischer VACU-PLAST material.

This malleable shell material is perfect adapted to the anatomy of the fit at the Fischer Fitting Station using pressurised air. The adjustable shell can be modelled many times to the specific foot shape and optimally encloses your foot.

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Salomon 360 Custom Shell

By heating the shell the custom shell construction of the ski shoe is malleable and can therefore be adapted to suit your foot anatomy. Pressure points and foot pain are a thing of the past.

Salomon shoes which have a 360° custom shell and twin-frame construction ensure an optimised fit, without any lowering of quality and no adverse effect on power transfer.

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Atomic Memory Fit

Takes an imprint of the shape of your foot. Atomic Memory Fit is a technology which enables thermal adaptation of ski shoes, enabling new standards in terms of fit, comfort and performance.

The fastest method available on the market providing an individual, optimised form fit.

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Sidas Black Project

100% hand-crafted - adaptable ski shoe shells + foam inners + shaped shoe inserts.

The new shoe concept from shoe specialists Sidas, developed in conjunction with well-known manufacturers Salomon and Head, provides the utmost form to suit your individual needs.

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Nordica Tri-Fit fit system with infrared

The Tri-Fit adaptation system takes ski shoe customisation to a new level.

By adapting the inner shell of the shoe, Nordica provides a technology that directly and comfortably combines the inner shoe and the shell.

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Expert tip – ski shoes – Rene Brugger

The ski shoe is the most important element in ski equipment. A shoe which pinches or which hurts can ruin even the loveliest day of skiing. During our expert consultation we take the time to measure each foot on the PC and together we select the shoe last that is ideal for you. If necessary we can adapt the shell, inner shoe and inserts to suit your specific requirements.

Fit guarantee

our boot fitting specialists are aware that there are many ways for a ski shoe can be specifically adapted to suit your requirements. The following methods definitely matter:

  • Inner shoe fit
  • Shaping of specific soles to suit foot shape
  • Shaping of the ski shoe shell
  • Foam fit for the inner shoe
  • Stretching the ski shoe shell
  • and cutting the ski shoe

With all these methods we achieve a 100% correct fit for your new shoes.

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