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Sport Brugger – your service profession in Sölden

Passion is a tradition at Sport Brugger – whether it is our passion for the mountains, or seeing to our customers’ needs: your satisfaction is our aim. That is why we work in the service sector, continually striving to improve – for you and your equipment. A ski and shoe workshop has been part of the services we provide for a long time.

We see to it you’re your sports equipment is perfectly serviced and maintained. The fact that we continually expand and optimise our service spectrum is a matter of course. After all, it is technical innovations in terms of sport and the outdoors that drives our service. For instance, these days we even have foot analysis facilities and professional measuring equipment to carry out checks.


Whether something is too wide or pinches. Our staff are happy to take care of any alterations you need – so you enjoy the respective product even more and get the right fit for your sports clothing. For specific materials, we contact manufacturers direct for you, to ensure you get the perfect solution.

Foot scan and foot analysis

Using PC analysis we measure your feet to the exact millimetre, to find the perfect fitting ski, mountain or running shoe for you. Our boot-fitting experts take care of any possible corrections, providing specially shaped inserts for you. We take care of shoe alterations in our own shoe workshop.

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Ski/and board service

We provide the perfect finishing touches in our own workshop. As an express service, with a short turn-around time, or overnight. Surface repairs and the application of any adhesives is carried our carefully and dependably by our service team. Many years of experience and the most state-of-the-art service machine park in the region make our ski and snowboard service very special.

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Shoe workshop

We take care of any smaller repairs and services right here – ski shoe heel fitting, widening uppers, adapting insoles etc. As a rule, re-soling is done by the respective shoe manufacturer.


Ski shoe service

Every foot is different. You know that from day-to-day shoe buying – your right and left foot are not always the same in terms of length, width, height etc. Our boot-fitting team use state-of-the-art technology to cater for all these factors and to precisely determine the anatomy of your foot – and we do of course find the perfect solution for everyone.

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Rucksack service

Whether your rucksack is pinching somewhere, or something is broken. We will take care of it – and send it direct to the manufacturer free of charge, if you have purchased the rucksack from us. Our shops have replacement parts like buckles and belts and you can get replacements if you want too.


Tax-free shopping

As a traveller resident outside the EU, before you head back home, you are entitled to a refund of any VAT you have paid on purchases you have made. VAT is 20%. The amount refunded will be the VAT amount, minus any administration fee. Minimum amount EUR 75.01 Euro (incl. VAT).

Measuring technology and replacement parts service

We take care of battery or replacement part exchange for sports watches, manufacturer software updates, as well as replacement of any used gas cartridges for avalanche airbags.

Repair service for sports equipment

Faulty ski bindings, worn ski shoe heels, rivets that have fallen off – we can take of small and larger repairs in our shops, or we can take care of the complaint to the manufacturer for you.

Ski pass sales point

All-in-one, that is, a one-stop shop – that is the magic concept here. Ski passes for the Sölden ski area can be purchased direct from our hire shops, with no surcharges.

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If you have any queries about the services at Sport Brugger, then just mail us (info))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((@))This is for spamprotection, please remove!((sport-brugger.at), call us (+43 5254 30062), or just drop in. We would be delighted to see you!

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