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Ski shoe fitting

Exclusive to Sport Brugger in Sölden

A world first – the first ski shoe that is 100% adaptable! With Fischer VACUUM FIT technology, for the first time, complete anatomical fitting of the full shoe is available, in a quality which has not been achieved to date. Based on the new Fischer VACU-PLAST material. Straightforward, convenient fit in 30 minutes. The material van be adapted up to 5 times, ensuring a 100% proper fit.

01 - Warm up

Depending on the shoe model, the ski shoe shell and collar are pre-heated for 5 to 20 minutes in a special vacuum-fit oven.

The shell then becomes malleable and can be adapted to the foot shape.

If necessary, our boot-fitter can also adapt the thermal inner shoe and shape the shell to fit.

02 - PreFit

The second stage involves stepping into the pre-warmed shell. The buckles are closed properly and our boot-fitter then checks to see that shoe is fitting correctly.

The cooling pad and compression pad are then applied and the standing position set up on the VACUUM FIT station.

03 - PerfectFit

The final stage involves fitting the entire shoe to the foot anatomy, using pressurised air.

Compression pads exert even pressure on the ski shoe shell, getting an exact shape of the foot in the shell – preventing pressure points, yet ensuring a compact fit. After cooling, the shoes are ready to wear.

The Vacuum Fit processThe Vacuum Fit process

Our boot-fitting experts heat the show in the special vacuum-fit oven to 80° C. You then put your foot into the shell and special cooling and compression pads are applied. Your standing position is then set up in the specifically developed Vacuum Fit Station and the adaptation process starts. Pressurised air adapts the entire shoe to your foot anatomy – ensuring a long-lasting fit. This is what makes the unique anatomical fit of the complete ski shoe possible, in the usual Fischer quality. This customer-convenient adaptation process takes about 25 minutes, resulting in a 100% properly fitting shoe.

Fischer Vacuum models

There are countless ski shoe models available which feature vacuum technology - and we have them all! Whether it is racing, freeriding, all-mountain, women or children’s shoes – anyone who wants a personalised Fischer Vacuum Fit shoe is in good hands in the Sport Brugger shops.

[] Fischer Vacuum 2Zone

Fischer Vacuum 2Zone

With the VACUUM Station update and the new Compression Pad, Fischer VACUUM FIT provides the finishing touches for ski experts. Pressure can now be optimally measured between 80 and 360 millibars in the ankle and forefoot areas, separately – ensuring an exact fit to your individual foot anatomy, something which has not been achievable until now!

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