Boot fitting and ski shoe measuring

The perfect fit thanks to patented foot analysis! To find the right shoe for you we use state-of-the-art technology and our many years of experience. We measure your feet using the latest computer technology and can therefore determine the specificities of your foot in comparison to the ‘average’ foot, and can therefore give you clear-cut advice when it comes to recommending a model. In conjunction with the professional Sport Brugger service, the right ski show can be found quickly and precisely. For the perfect feel and outstanding fit – all the key shoe brands available at Sport Brugger in Sölden: Atomic, Dynafit, Fischer, Head, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon and Sidas Black Project.

Ski shoe appointment – boot fitting and service; minus any waiting

Every foot is different - and every ski shoe is unique. From choosing the right ski shoe model, adjusting the shell and the production of specific insoles, to the foam fit of the inner shoe. Organise your personal appointment without ski shoe experts in one of our three boot-fitting shops in Sölden.

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5 steps to the perfect shoe

Do you want a bespoke shoe to meet you precise needs? Well we congratulate you on choosing a bespoke, custom model. A ski shoe is the important connecting link between the skier and the piste. Which is why there should be no compromises. It is all about the perfect fit, great performance and comfort. In five steps, we explain the route to getting a perfectly fitting ski shoe:

1. Precise measurement and foot analysis

Our staff expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art computer technology, provides a solution for your feet. Both feet are measured using special software and differences to the ‘average’ foot are noted, which makes selecting the right shoe model for you is actually easier.

In choosing the right model, specifics in terms of foot shape, width and height can be taken into consideration. At the same time any potential pressure points and problem zones can be determined and ruled out beforehand.

2. Suitable insoles

The foundations for all-day ski fun – specific fit soles provide the optimum support for your feet.

Adaptation using the ‘1 to 1 foot print’ method, ensures optimum sole shaping, which provides the best comfort, stability and power transfer. At the same time insoles provide better pressure distribution for your feet. This helps counter cold toes.

3. Bespoke insoles

Inner shoes that are foamed or thermal-shaped direct to the foot ensure the perfect performance. Thanks to state-of-the-art foam methods, the foam liner can be used in almost ski shoes of almost any rigidity, and can of course also be used in women’s ski shoes.

Foam fit inner shoes provide an optimum fixed position for your foot and ensure a unique fit. These insoles are also extremely robust and long-lasting.

4. Adapted shell

The right shell is perfectly matched to your foot and your skiing ability, ensuring a high level of comfort. In specific shoes, such as the Fischer Vacuum Fit, the shell is modelled directly on your foot shape using a thermoformable procedure.

This achieves an inimitable fit which, as well as perfect performance, also ensures the utmost in comfort. The procedure can be used many times over and means that re-shaping is possible, should your foot shape change. This guarantees 100% perfect fit, avoiding pressure points.

5. Individual fit

Every foot is different which is why during every consultation and shoe-fitting session we take the time to see to your individual requirements. Whether it is foamed inner shoes, a bespoke shell or fitted inserts that are right for you, all these matters are decided upon after foot analysis on site in our boot-fitting shops in Sölden.

Arrange an appointment right now – via e-mail or telephone: or +43 5254 30062.

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Expert tip – made-to-measure ski shoes – Georg Brugger

We have special ski shoe models for problem feet. The FISCHER Vacuum Fit is the first and only ski shoe whose shell can be 100% matched to your foot shape. With it we can achieve a perfect, proper fit, without any pressure points. For anyone who is looking for the most compact fit, we have a range of models with foamable inner shoes (foam shoes). In this instance the inner shoe is filled with a special foam and adapted to suit the individual foot shape.

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