Exclusive to Sport Brugger - SIDAS BLACK PROJECT

100% individual fit shoes - Sidas Black Project. In conjunction with Salomon and Head, the perfect solution for ideal fit, maximum comfort and the highest performance has been created.

100% handcrafted - for the perfect fit

Ski shoes from the SIDAS Black Project series consist of different, adaptable ski shoe shells, foamable inner shoes and bespoke made-to-measure inserts. The shaping process is a precision work carried out by our boot-fitting experts. Organise your personal boot-fitting appointment by e-mail: info@sport-brugger.at; or telephone +43 5254 30062.

[] Skischuhe anpassen in Sölden

Expert tip – Foamed ski shoes – Peter Grüner

Foamed ski shoes are always the first choice when it comes to perfect fit and material robustness. We foam fit the inner shoe to meet your exact requirements. The result is an inner shoe with a 100% correct fit. The adaptation process takes several hours, which is why organising an appointment in advance is recommended.

The very best fit

Our boot-fitting experts model a shoe to perfectly fit your exact foot analysis. Depending on the anatomical shape of your foot, bespoke inserts are shaped first. After this, the foam inner shoe is foam fit directly to your foot. If necessary, the shell is adapted in the final stage. The result is a perfectly fitting ski shoe which provides the maximum fit and a great deal of control.

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