NORDICA Tri Fit & Infrared Technology

TRI-FIT customization - a new era in ski shoe fitting

The Tri-Fit fitting system takes ski shoe individualisation to a new level. Focussing on the shell, the inner shoe and on the adaptable components, Nordica have been able to develop a practical technology which connects the foot directly and comfortably to the inner shoe and the shell. The key lies in the infrared heating element used to adapt the shell, together with the thermos-formable custom cork fit inner shoe and the relevant oven. Both these technologies make it possible for the inner shoe and the shell to be 100 percent adapted to suit the individual foot shape.

Lightweight performance

Lightweight sports equipment is essential, which is why Nordica have developed a completely new, lightweight shell connection, which specifically copes with the challenges faced by lightweight products.

The Tri Force frame is based on a special concept and uses an anatomical shell design, which takes energy through the entire ski shoe to the ski edges. This enables flexible and precision movements, with the utmost comfort.

[] Nordica Skischuhe in Sölden

Expert tip - Nordica ski shoes – Georg Brugger

Nordica ski shoes, with Infrared Technology, offer a completely new range of fit options. Infrared technology heats the shell evenly. This helps deal with problem zones better and has no ill effect on the performance of the ski shoe.

Adapting Nordica shells

Our boot-fitting experts heat the inner shoe in a special oven. Once you put your foot in, the cork liner shapes to your foot. If necessary, the outer shell of the ski shoe can then be adapted at specific points using the infrared. The adaptation process takes around 20 minutes and does not just improve fit, but also ski shoe performance.

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