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Become a pro when it comes to buying skis – in one of the biggest glacier ski areas in the Alps, we know exactly what buying the right skis entails. All the big brands are represented here - Atomic, Fischer, Head, K2, Nordica, Rossignol, Völkl, and many more.

All the models that we offer for sale here are of course available to test too, which means that you can put any skis to the test before you to come a decision.

Atomic Redster G9 Revoshock

The measure of all things for speed fans: the Atomic Redster G9 Revo S with Revoshock technology - for maximum acceleration during turns and a lot of stability at top speeds. The Atomic Redster G9 Revo S is packed with World Cup technologies - its roots are in racing and you can feel it at every fast, wide radius.

Atomic Redster S9 Revoshock

The Atomic Redster S9 Revo S is primarily aimed at skiers who feel at home between the poles or who like to carve down the slopes of their local mountain at high speed. This super-fast slalom ski features brand new Revoshock technology, accelerating with every turn; This makes even icy slopes fun in the early morning, where the Redster S9 Revo S demonstrates maximum smoothness and maximum performance.

Atomic Redster G9 Servotec

The Redster G9 Servotec is the turbo racing machine from Atomic's Redster collection. It was developed for the slopes and is packed with World Cup-proven race technologies. This includes Servotec, the power steering system for skis. A pre-stressed Servotec rod and an elastomer support the control behavior at all speeds - for agility with shorter turns and more stability when driving straight ahead.

Atomic Redster S9 Servotec

The Atomic Redster S9 Servotec is a slalom expert that shows its strengths especially in short, fast turns. It's packed with World Cup-proven race technologies and is based on 65 years of dominance in the Ski World Cup. One of them is called Servotec, the power steering for skis. A pre-stressed Servotec rod and integrated elastomer ensure reliability and responsiveness - for agile, fast steering with every turn and more stability when driving straight ahead.

Atomic Redster X9 S Revoshock

The Atomic Redster X9 S Revoshock S is aimed at skiers who want speed, versatility and top performance - this is where World Cup technologies meet maximum skiing fun! The Atomic Redster X9 S Revoshock S is a combination of World Cup proven technologies and a multi radius sidecut from Atomic. It is aimed at skiers who want speed and versatility at the same time.

Atomic Redster G7

The Redster G7 is a powerful ski for big giant slalom turns, whether racing or on the slopes with friends. The secret lies in the combination of several race technologies from Atomic: A Dura Cap sidewall offers maximum performance for optimized power transmission and edge grip in connection with the robustness of a topsheet with a cap finish, which minimizes the risk of dents and scratches.

Atomic Redster S7

Many good skiers want a ski for the piste and the occasional slalom race. The Redster S7 fulfills this task perfectly - a high-quality performance ski from Atomic for the piste with a slalom sidecut for short, tight turns. It also has a Dura Cap sidewall that extends from the base to the topsheet and minimizes the risk of dents and scratches on the surface and sidewalls.

Atomic Redster Q9 Revoshock S

The Atomic Redster Q9 Revoshock S combines high-quality construction with World Cup-proven technologies - the result is the ultimate ski for the changing snow conditions of a typical piste ski day. Revoshock S provides stability, absorbs vibrations and impacts and accelerates the ski out of the turn. The Redster Q9 is aimed at advanced and very strong skiers who know no limits on the slopes.

Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C

The Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C combines Revoshock technology with Atomic's all-condition piste shape - the result is the ideal ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. The Revoshock C technology absorbs all impacts and vibrations, creating a ski that impresses with smooth running and agility in all conditions. Thanks to the Multi Radius Sidecut, you can flexibly set exactly the turns that the terrain requires at the moment.

Atomic Maverick 95 TI

With the Maverick 95 TI all-mountain ski, there are no limits on the mountain. In its Omatic construction, a layer of Titanal ensures the optimal balance between stiffness and flex and thus offers stability over the entire length of the ski. And thanks to its wide sidecut and all-mountain rocker, the ski masters all mountain conditions with ease.

Atomic Bent Chetler 110

The Atomic Bent 110 takes a very similar approach on the mountain to the Bent Chetler 120, albeit with a slightly narrower waist. It's Jossi Wells' ski of choice for backcountry freestyle sessions, easy lines under the lift and deep powder. The Bent 110 is equipped with HRZN Tech Tip & Tail - for playful performance and sensational floatation in deep snow without making the ski wider or heavier.

Atomic Bent Chetler 90

Nico and Miguel Porteous call the Atomic Bent 90 the "Swiss army knife" for all conditions - for them it is the perfect all-mountain/park ski. Thanks to HRZN Tech Tip & Tail, the Bent 90 glides through the fresh powder in the morning with ingenious lift, and delivers top performances in the park in the afternoon. Its Light Woodcore ensures low weight and at the same time agility and liveliness.

Atomic Bent Chetler 85

The Atomic Bent 85 is a versatile all-mountain and park ski designed by Chris Benchetler and the Atomic Freeski team. He delivers top performances everywhere, regardless of the terrain. Whether meter-high airs in the halfpipe or crumpled snow in the afternoon, you always have full control thanks to its 85mm waist width and the All Mountain Rocker.

Atomic Cloud C12 Revoshock

The Atomic Cloud C12 Revoshock C is a real beauty - not only on the outside. It is one of the most popular skis in the best-selling Cloud line and is equipped with the same Atomic technologies as the Redster racing series. The Revoshock C system absorbs and eliminates shocks and vibrations and thus ensures harmonious, stable performance with at the same time pleasant responsiveness when changing edges.

Atomic Cloud C11

With the Atomic Cloud C11, women glide in long, harmonious turns over freshly groomed slopes in the morning or through crumpled snow in the afternoon - no slipping, no rattling, just the sparkling white slope under your skis! If you like that, you will be amazed by the Cloud C11. With its clean white look in combination with powerful performance and a light wood core, this ski is one of the most popular piste skis in the Cloud line.

Atomic Cloud C9

The Atomic Cloud 9 is the "little black dress" of the Atomic slope collection - elegant, very pleasing and the right choice for every occasion. In fact, the Cloud 9 is a great mix of style and performance - making it one of the world's best-selling piste skis for women.

Atomic Cloud CL

The entry-level model of the Cloud series: The Atomic Cloud CL is the ideal ski for beginners to intermediate skiers. Every detail has been tailored to the riding style of women - that's why both beginners and intermediate riders can have fun with it. Its slight V-shape allows both precisely set and relaxed drifted turns.

Atomic Cloud Q9

The Atomic Cloud Q9 is the ideal companion for intermediate skiers and perfect for everything the slopes have to offer. With its all-condition piste shape, it feels super comfortable when cruising on groomed slopes, but also masters fast, tight turns over bumps with ease. Its generous 75mm waist width is exactly what it needs for changing snow conditions, while a Dura Cap sidewall construction ensures secure edge grip at all radii.

Atomic Cloud C8

The Atomic Cloud 8 has what it takes to be your new best friend, season after season. It has a Densolite core and is therefore light and easy to handle, which will especially appeal to intermediate skiers. In addition, it can be driven elegantly and effortlessly, so that the power lasts until the last lift ride.

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