Climbing and via ferrata routes in Sölden

Where there lots of mountains, there are lots of cliff faces. And anywhere there are lots of cliff faces, is a place that climbers of all abilities yearn for. In the global climbing scene, Ötztal is regarded as being synonymous as a climber’s paradise and rightly so, thanks its fantastic infrastructure. In the 20 via ferrata routes alone, which have some 750 routes, performance-oriented climbers will find almost non-stop vertical playground, in all difficulty levels. Secured by steel cable throughout, 7 via ferrata routes in Ötztal take you up high. Treading on the cliff faces is your route to exhilaration – there are many key points that require power, skill and courage. Helmet, chest & hip belts along with carabiners are absolutely necessary for this mountain climbing challenge. After all – ‘Safety First!’ applies here.

Carabiners, ropes, belts, slings, safety equipment – everything you need for a steep cliff face. You will find the biggest selection in Ötztal here. Our specialist mountain advisors – who enjoy heading out on to the rock faces themselves - are happy to help and know what it’s all about.

[] Fachberatering Sabine Brugger

Expert tip - Climbing clothing - Sabine Brugger

For sport climbing the right climbing trousers are the most important item of clothing. Elastic materials and an optimised cut are key attributes. For Alpine climbing I recommend soft shell trousers made from windproof material that is robust and stretchy. Flat, pockets that are suitable for a climbing belt, reinforced knees, and fast drying material are the perfect way to finish these trousers.

A few useful climbing tips

Have confidence in your equipment – only use mountain sports equipment which meets safety standards (CE mark) & study the instructions for use carefully. Partner check before every start – check each other. Figure-eight loop, belt buckle, safety harness, carabiner locking, rope ends. And of course – pay full attention when you are securing! Your partner’s life is in your hands.

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